MyHome – a franchise for the 21st Century.
The story so far…

In the late 90’s, global giant Unilever (known in Australia for products such as OMO, Persil, and Surf) started MyHome in the UK as part of a strategy to get closer to their customers.

With a huge commitment to IT, technology, research and development, branding and marketing, Unilever quickly established MyHome as a leading home services brand in many upmarket residential areas of London.

This ground-breaking approach to what had previously always been a very low-tech business included the development of MyHome’s Tri-colour™ cleaning system and set the scene for the continual development of the business, leading to today’s exciting digital transformation program.

The beginning of something special

In 2000, Russell O’Connell bought MyHome from Unilever, with Unilever retaining a minority stake.

With a background in business consulting, systemisation, and franchising, it was clear to Russell that it is relatively easy to acquire new customers in the home services industry (as there is high demand) but the key to keeping customers was delivering the service to a consistently high standard, which required a systematic and disciplined approach.

Russell and his team further developed and refined the business, building on the initial concept, work, and investment by Unilever to create a business capable of consistently achieving high standards and sustained success.

They put every part of the business ‘under the microscope’ and developed the MyHome turn-key business model.

Growth, acquisition and flotation

In 2006, the group was successfully floated on the London AIM stock market at a launch price of 5 pence per share; that price doubled within the first 3 months and continued to climb over the following years to reach a market capitalisation of around £100 million.

As the business grew in the UK, MyHome started to complete acquisitions of other home services companies such as Oven Clean, Nice and Stripy, ElecXpress, PlumbXpress, Autosheen, Professional Car Cleaning (PCC), and Chips Away, who were serving the same premium demographic.

MyHome Australia – new focus and purpose

Following the GFC, the UK business was returned to private ownership (after a very successful flotation and period of growth) and absorbed into a loose grouping of franchise related businesses.

Russell moved back to his home in Australia for family (who were living in Melbourne) and lifestyle reasons. After a short time, Russell was back developing MyHome in Melbourne and beginning to lay the foundations of the remarkable business that MyHome is today.

This included further developing and refining the systems, the technology, recruitment, resource management, accounting – including reshaping the MyHome model for the Australian market.

Under his leadership, MyHome grew strongly and successfully, developing a reputation as one of Melbourne’s leading home services providers and brands, while at the same time laying the foundations for a digital transformation as the business geared up for the next exciting stage of development.

New technology and digital transformation

In an industry where some operators were still using paper-based systems, spreadsheets or old school software, MyHome quickly identified the opportunity to take advantage of the emerging digital technologies.

This new generation of digital technology combined apps, cloud computing, mobile data networks and tablets such as iPads, and enabled MyHome to go way beyond the capabilities and constraints of older server and PC based software systems.

The result was a smart operating technology that supports and delivers incredible operational efficiency, and outstanding levels of customer service and satisfaction. And crucially, allowed a franchise partner to operate their business from an internet connected tablet, from wherever they wanted.

With a new model for the Australian market, with a well-established brand and with exciting new digital technology being embraced, a new breed of ‘digital led’ franchise model was possible.

More time for the things that matter most

When Covid delayed the franchise launch plans and threw the focus onto the wellbeing of customers and the overall MyHome team, the seeds of another exciting innovation were born.

When lockdowns began, with a single-minded purpose the whole business pivoted to one that rapidly became COVIDSafe by taking some industry leading steps to support customers, especially those more vulnerable customers who rely on MyHome’s services.

MyHome rapidly introduced measures such as Department of Health training for COVID-19 infection control for all cleaning teams and a MyHome Hospital Grade COVID-19 Defence Treatment.

However, with the need to work in PPE, along with the extra steps needed to maintain Covid safety, it was clear that a toll was being taken on the teams.

This crystalised thinking and the MyHome four-day working week model was born. Now customers AND team members AND franchise partners would all be part of the MyHome vision to give people more time for the things that matter most!

MyHome – a franchise for 21st Century Australia

MyHome is a revolutionary, highly systemised, digital led, lifestyle franchise for the Australian market.

With low-cost of entry, a fantastic lifestyle, flexibility, high levels of support, centralised back-office support, central call centres and with digital innovations including MyHome Central (our digital support hub) and the MyHome App (that allows our franchise owners to run their business from a tablet, from any location they choose) – what MyHome offers is world leading.

With a focus on creating time for the things that matter most, MyHome appeals to people who are looking for a business with a great work/life balance with high income and a great lifestyle.

MyHome Owners are busy – but they also have time for family, for taking children to and from school and to take regular three-day weekends – so that their lives are enriched and filled with more meaningful moments, experiences, and memories!

Business Model

A good business works for you, rather than you working for it!

We’ve invested the last 15 years creating, testing, developing and operating an ordinary business so that it works in an extraordinary way. Creating superb franchise opportunities for motivated people like you.

The result is a business with the following characteristics:

  • Low competition, low risk

  • Low investment, high returns

  • Not dependent on highly skilled staff

  • Recession-proof

  • Normal working hours

  • High profitability with strong cash flow

  • Simple to operate

  • Growth Market Sector

  • A business that you will be proud to own

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