MyHome Success Stories – a premium home services business with a proven track record in the Australian market…

The MyHome management franchise is designed for people who are looking for a business that provides a great work/life balance – high income and a great lifestyle.

Developed, proven and refined over 15 years, MyHome serves thousands of households who value a premium service, a service that enhances their lifestyle. Read on to discover how joining MyHome has delivered ongoing success for these MyHome Owners…

Meet Josie, MyHome Owner, Albert Park – “Becoming a MyHome Owner was the best decision I ever made, and I’ve never looked back”…

At a key time in her life and after a successful career in marketing, Josie was thinking about starting her own business as she was looking for the flexibility and freedom that would give her.

After using MyHome’s cleaning services to get her own property ready for sale, Josie was impressed by the synergy across the business.

She met with MyHome to discuss becoming part of the team and was really attracted to the turnkey operating system that they could offer her, meaning she could hit the ground running.

Josie loves the freedom and flexibility she now has – from briefing her teams every morning over a coffee in the local café rather than being tied to an office, to arranging her daily tasks around her schedule to fit in with the lifestyle she wants.

Knowing that she can rely on the expertise of the MyHome head office for help and support is a huge reassurance. Josie loves that all the policies, procedures, manuals, videos and branding that she needs to run her business are all easily accessible through the MyHome Central platform, and MyHome’s comprehensive induction and training program takes all the hard work out of bringing new team members on board.

Josie has built her business to exactly the size she wants it to be (with a waiting list if she does ever want to grow it further!) to allow her to work a four day week and is finished by 4pm most days – meaning she can spend more time at her beach house.

MyHome’s involvement in the community through the MyHome Cares program is extremely important to Josie – particularly continuing to support Sacred Heart Mission where she previously worked and volunteered over a number of years.

“MyHome isn’t just about the cleaning… it’s about the way of life.”
– Josie, MyHome Owner

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Meet Steve, MyHome Owner, Essendon – “I wanted my own business, but I knew that I needed some good support. The MyHome head office team really supported me right from the start”…

In 2008, when Steve was looking to get out of corporate life and gain more independence, he discovered MyHome.

With the objective of running his own business, where he was in control, but not so busy working that he had no time or energy for living well, a MyHome management franchise appealed to him because it was clear that it had the ability to help him achieve these goals, as well as the potential to grow into a saleable asset.

Being from an accounting background in the corporate world, Steve knew very little about the home service business.

But working with MyHome meant that from day one he had all the systems and support that he needed to get the business set up, organise vehicles, recruit the best staff, train his team, run successful marketing and build a strong customer base.

Beyond the financial success, Steve loves that being a MyHome Owner has allowed him to be very involved with his local community, and he’s built good networks with local businesses and business people.

“With a good franchise, you can hit the ground running but still have the flexibility and control of owning your own business. Having the support of head office saved me years of learning how to build and grow the business, it was such a good investment. I highly recommend it.”
– Steve, MyHome Owner

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We believe that MyHome is a business like no other. Operating in the multi-billion Australian home services sector, MyHome offers a premium residential cleaning service that is in huge demand.

With recurring income, low overheads, low start-up capital requirements, great margins and a business that you can manage 9 to 5 … MyHome is probably the most exciting new management franchise opportunity in Australia today!

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• How will my team deliver a consistently great service?

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