“What really impressed me was the turn-key operating system that allowed me to hit the ground running.”
– Josie Kelly, MyHome Owner

At the heart of it all are MyHome’s world-leading systems.

These are comprehensive, highly developed, proven and take full advantage of advanced digital technology to create a business optimised to deliver the kind of success and lifestyle that a MyHome management franchise is designed to deliver.

All six foundation systems (see more below) combine to optimise the performance and ease of operation of every aspect of a premium home services business.

From recruitment and HR, sales and management, the cleaning process itself, right through to marketing and customer service, our unique business systems set you up with all the tools you need to step in and create a business with consistent, profitable results.

Combining digital innovations including MyHome Central (our digital training and support hub) the MyHome App (that allows franchise partners to run much of their business from a tablet) with back-office support, central call centres – what MyHome offers is world leading.

Success Really IS in the System

We started by identifying the key areas of the business that require excellence in order to run successfully – we call these our 6 Pillars of Success.

Click on a section below to discover more about the MyHome tried and tested systems and how having them at your fingertips will set you up for success.

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“With a good franchise, you can hit the ground running but still have the flexibility and control of owning your own business. Having the support of head office saved me years of learning how to build and grow the business, it was such a good investment. I highly recommend it.”
– Steve, MyHome Owner

Building a Winning Team

It’s imperative to the success of your business that you hire (and retain) team members who are the best fit for the company, delivering the service and the best possible representation of the MyHome brand with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

The MyHome Hire and Inspire system gives you everything you need to create a great team.

Building a Winning Team – More

Support & Training

At MyHome, we’re committed to helping you achieve the success you want – after all, your success is our success. Which is why we’ve invested (and continue to invest) many hundreds of thousands developing robust systems and industry leading technology to support you while you build a profitable business.

At the heart of this, our digital support platform, MyHome Central, gives you and your teams instant access to our world class training and support resources.

Support & Training – Discover More

Winning Customers

There are really only two things that a successful business needs to do … attract new customers and keep them.

Combined with our strong brand, the MyHome Marketing Machine gives you tried and tested marketing strategies to maximise every stage of the customer journey.

Winning Customers – Discover More

Operational Excellence

The success of your business greatly depends on your day-to-day operations running smoothly.

The MyHome App helps you manage all the day-to-day operations, simplifying the daily management of scheduling, dispatching and tracking your teams.

With your daily tasks and processes streamlined and simplified, you and your teams can operate at maximum efficiency with minimal effort.

Operational Excellence – Discover More

Managing the Money

Running the financial side of a business can be a full-time job in itself but we know you don’t want to be spending your Sundays doing paperwork.

The MyHome App partners with your Xero accounts system and bank account so you can automatically track your teams, customer payments and much more.

Managing the Money – Discover More

Delivering a Premium Service

Even the most brilliantly run business can’t succeed unless the service they provide consistently meets and exceeds expectations.

Our unique Tri-colour™ system combines the best processes and the best science to consistently deliver high standards and results.

Delivering a Premium Service – More

“Becoming a MyHome Franchise Owner was the best decision I ever made, and I’ve never looked back”
– Josie Kelly, MyHome Owner

Watch the video now to see why Josie loves running her MyHome management franchise…

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With recurring income, low overheads, low start-up capital requirements, great margins and a business that you can manage 9 to 5 … MyHome is probably the most exciting new management franchise opportunity in Australia today!

Our Franchise Information Pack contains a huge amount of exciting information including comprehensive answers to questions such as…

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• How will I manage the money?
• How will my team deliver a consistently great service?

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