Our unique Tri-colour™ system means your customers know what to expect from every clean and your teams know what to deliver. Resulting in customer satisfaction, every time…

Even the most brilliantly run business can’t succeed unless the service they provide is second-to-none.

That means delivering a customer experience that consistently meets their expectations, or better yet delights and exceeds those expectations.

Because if we don’t take care of our customer, someone else will.

But how can you ensure that the service you provide meets the customer’s expectations when your idea of clean and your customer’s idea of clean could be two different things. Even if you provide what you think is the best cleaning service in the world, this means nothing if what you consider ‘clean’ doesn’t match up to your customer’s.

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The MyHome Solution

When MyHome launched, we thought long and hard about the cleaning process itself.

MyHome conducted extensive research into the most effective way of cleaning and, through rigorous testing, developed our Tri-colour™ cleaning system.

Tri-colour™ is a systematic cleaning system exclusive to MyHome that splits the customer’s house into colour-coded zones:

Green Zone: Kitchen and Laundry

Red Zone: Bathrooms, Showers and Toilets

Blue Zone: Bedrooms and Reception rooms

These zones are allocated their own cleaning processes and products to provide a consistent, high-quality service.

We also developed our own range of GECA approved products to ensure they meet our high standards of performance, safety and environmental impact.

Benefits of the MyHome Tri-Colour™ System


By using our systematic approach to cleaning, you can guarantee that your teams will deliver the same level of service at each clean, which is why we charge by the job not the hour.

It also gives customers a high level of clarity surrounding what to expect from each clean, and so removes any mismatch between the customer’s expectations of clean and our own.

Premium Products

The quality of our products is incredibly important to us in order to guarantee the quality Tri-colour™ clean our customers expect.

Our products are chosen with performance, safety and environmental impact in mind.

They are diluted to MyHome’s own specifications before each clean. This ensures our products are mixed in such a way to guarantee effectiveness, safety, hygiene and to prevent any damage to the surfaces we clean.

They are also all GECA approved. The GECA ecolabel is recognised globally as the most robust and credible form of environmental label as it involves multiple criteria and lifecycle considerations.

When you see the GECA ecolabel, you know that the product or service has been independently assessed to meet a wide range of environmental, human health and social impact criteria, while also proving that it performs as promised.


By differentiating ‘high risk’ areas like bathrooms and kitchens from general living areas and bedrooms, Tri-colour™ provides an impeccably hygienic clean.

All our cleaning products and cloths are colour-coded so that they are only used in the zone they are allocated to, and cloths are washed and sanitised after every clean. We also carefully researched all our products to provide the safest, most hygienic clean possible.

While conventional cleaning cloths remove up to 33% of surface bacteria, microfibre – which cleans on a microscopic level – can remove up to 99%.

Furthermore, we only use premium, split microfibre cloths. Split microfibre is manufactured with spaces between each fibre to more effectively pick up and hold dust, dirt and liquid than plain microfibre.

Skilled staff

MyHome have invested in creating over 40 detailed tutorial videos that cover every cleaning task in a customer’s home, ensuring all team members have the same knowledge of MyHome’s Tri-colour™ system.

These videos along with our manuals and other training products explaining this system not only make it easier to train your team but also simplify how you communicate the benefits to customers.

We believe we can transform anyone into an expert cleaner, simply by inducting them into our Tri-colour™ process. This means you don’t need to hire experienced cleaners – in fact we don’t want you to – you just need people who can follow the system.

A Better Clean, Guaranteed

The Tri-colour™ cleaning system allows us to educate our customers in what to expect from a MyHome clean, and ensures your teams know what they’re expected to complete each time as well as how to deliver it to the premium level we pride ourselves on. This all combines to allow us to guarantee the service we provide – if the customer isn’t 100% satisfied with the clean, we’ll do it again for free.


Exclusive to MyHome, Tri-colour™ offers a clean that our competitors can’t. By simplifying training your staff to a consistent level and setting your customers’ expectations, our investment in the Tri-colour™ system and in developing our premium products is a key part of ensuring the success of your business.

Delivering a Premium Service is just one of our 6 Pillars of Success…

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