Comprehensive manuals and guides, training video library, recruitment and onboarding tools and much more – all delivered through MyHome Central, our digital training and support platform…

Starting and running a business can be a daunting prospect. You’ll be doing things you’ve maybe not done before and you’ll have to draw on all your resourcefulness, skills and knowledge. It’s easy to make mistakes.

With MyHome it’s different. We’ve spent years developing and fine tuning our comprehensive systems, processes and training (much of which is digital) to give you the ‘MyHome Solution’.

Our aim is to give you everything you need for a fast start and optimum efficiency so you can be the proud owner of a business that works for you, your customers and your team.

The MyHome Solution

MyHome have invested (and continue to invest) many hundreds of thousands of dollars developing robust systems and industry leading technology to support you while you build a profitable business.

At the heart of our support system is our MyHome Central digital platform, giving you and your team instant access to our world class training programs and support resources.

Combined with our tried and tested Getting Started program, these resources will ensure that you have a solid foundation to build a successful business from.

Benefits of the MyHome Support & Training System

Coaching & Guidance

Our Getting Started program has been carefully designed and tested to get you up and running quickly and efficiently. It includes weekly calls where you’ll be mentored and supported through the many steps required to set-up and launch your business.

As your business grows, you’ll have access to further mentoring to monitor your progress against the KPIs you set, and offer advice and support wherever needed.

Detailed On-Boarding

Delivered via our MyHome Central platform, and accompanied with our Getting Started Manual, our on-boarding program will walk you through the minutiae of getting your business set up from bank accounts, payroll and insurance, to vehicles, equipment and uniforms.

Exceptional Training

Through MyHome Central you’ll receive an outstanding learning experience, as the platform delivers the right content at the right time, from on-boarding to on-going training.

If any of our processes or procedures change then you’ll be automatically notified (by email and with alerts on your MyHome Central dashboard) to read the new information.

If your team members are also required to read it, they’ll also be alerted, and you can monitor when they’ve seen/read it. Where appropriate, micro re-training will have been set up to confirm that they fully understand the update.

Comprehensive Manuals

You’ll have instant access on MyHome Central to a whole library of support manuals MyHome have created. From step-by-step guidance for getting your business started, our Hire & Inspire manual ensuring you can hire the right team, all you need to know about marketing your business and winning customers, to help with the day-to-day operations (such as admin and accounting, and our Tri-colour cleaning system), you can find a manual to support you with every area of your business.

Team Performance

MyHome’s mission is to enable you and your teams to deliver a premium home cleaning service, so training is of course imperative.

The in-depth training offered via the MyHome Central platform ensures all your team members complete the same level of training so that they’re ready to deliver the consistent, high-quality service that we pride ourselves on.

And MyHome Central allows you to track your team’s progress through their training.


At MyHome, we’re committed to helping you achieve the success you want – after all, your success is our success. We believe that no-one should have to do this alone, and with all our training and support resources at your fingertips you won’t be. We’re here for you and your business every step of the way.

Support & Training is just one of our 6 Pillars of Success…

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We believe that MyHome is a business like no other. Operating in the multi-billion Australian home services sector, MyHome offers a premium residential cleaning service that is in huge demand.

With recurring income, low overheads, low start-up capital requirements, great margins and a business that you can manage 9 to 5 … MyHome is probably the most exciting new management franchise opportunity in Australia today!

Our Franchise Information Pack contains a huge amount of exciting information including comprehensive answers to questions such as…

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• How will I manage my business?
• How will I manage the money?
• How will my team deliver a consistently great service?

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