MyHome Hire & Inspire uses AI predictive hiring to attract great people – which means the hard work of finding and selecting the right people is done for you…

A key pillar to the success of your business is the people who work for you – your cleaning teams.

They are the main point of contact with your customers, they are the ones who deliver the service, and they are the people who ultimately build your reputation and are ambassadors for the MyHome brand.

But how do you attract and keep the right people? How do you build the teams you need even when labour market conditions are tight?

The MyHome Solution

Our tried and tested Hire & Inspire system has been developed to ensure you’re able to successfully hire (and retain) candidates who are the best fit for the company, delivering the service and the best possible representation of the MyHome brand.

At the heart of our Hire & Inspire system is our Predictive Hiring Tool. This ground-breaking technology uses AI recruitment software and our detailed “ideal candidate” personas to quickly and cost-effectively match and highlight the applicants with the right skills, attitudes and cultural fit.

Combining this with the support MyHome offers at every stage of the recruitment process and the ongoing team management means that we help you build the RIGHT team that will work the RIGHT way.

Benefits of the MyHome Hire & Inspire System

Time Saving

Our Predictive Hiring tool removes the challenge of placing multiple adverts, sifting through hundreds of CVs (most of which are irrelevant) and interviewing unsuitable candidates.

We promote all our vacancies on the top High-Traffic Job Aggregators (who now account for more than 75% of job applications) where quality applicants are seeking opportunities, as well as having social promotion on Facebook and Twitter.

It also filters and ranks all the applications. So the hard work of finding and selecting the right people is done for you!

Rewards your Team

At MyHome we also believe that some of your best new hires will come as referrals from your existing team members, which is why we put as much focus on ensuring our staff are happy as we do our customers and other stakeholders. This is why we go to great lengths to offer industry leading benefits, support and training.

To maximise this opportunity, MyHome has invested in setting up a Social Media Ad Program for your employees to refer their friends and family.

You’ll have individual QR codes that your staff can use to advertise on their own social media accounts to their circle of friends. The QR code means that any enquiries can be tracked and back to the team members who made the referral possible.

The RIGHT people for your customers

Our research showed that customers rated TRUST as the most important thing they needed – even above good cleaning!!

This is why all our teams are MyHome employees and not subcontractors (which is the norm in the cleaning industry). They feel they’re a part of the business, a part of the brand, and we have greater control of the service they deliver.

Unrivalled Support

You’ll be provided with:

  • templated application forms for each stage of the recruitment process, to ensure that all the necessary information is gathered
  • our Hire and Inspire Manual which gives detailed guidance on the best practices for interviewing candidates
  • our Recruitment presentation to use during interviews
  • our Induction presentation to use when on-boarding new team members
  • access to the MyHome Central platform to deliver our thorough on-boarding (and on-going) training to your team
  • our comprehensive HR Manual, Employee Handbook and Operational Health & Safety manual

And of course, you’ll have MyHome’s HR support and compliance team on hand throughout.

An Unrivalled Recruitment System – Save Time and Build a Great Team

With the MyHome Hire & Inspire system at your disposal, you’ll have no trouble hiring (and keeping) people who display the correct characteristics to represent the MyHome brand and who you know will be suited to serving your customers.

So you’ll soon have a team of professional, friendly, approachable, pragmatic and hard-working people to help drive your business to success.

Building a Winning Team is just one of our 6 Pillars of Success…

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