Think getting enquiries is hard? MyHome has it covered – the MyHome Marketing Machine gives you the tools to build a great client base…

There are really only two things that a successful business needs to do…

  • Attract new customers
  • Keep them

Many businesses only focus on the first of these two – winning new customers. They neglect existing customers and suffer higher customer losses. It’s a little like a bath with no plug – you have to keep filling it up with water.

At MyHome we have decades of marketing experience under our belts – tried and tested initiatives, processes and systems to help you win AND keep great customers.

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The MyHome Solution

The MyHome Marketing Machine covers every stage from attracting enquiries, to engaging with potential customers, converting enquiries into customers, serving customers and nurturing prospective and existing customers.

It’s a tried and tested mixture of initiatives – some that MyHome carry out on your behalf, and some that are your responsibility.

Benefits of the MyHome Marketing Machine

Shared Responsibility

MyHome carry out a wide range of marketing activities that drive enquiries and nurture customers on your behalf.

MyHome take responsibility for…

  • Digital Marketing – including Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising with Google and Meta
  • Social Media – across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Email Marketing – regular email marketing to our extensive databases
  • The MyHome Website – continuous development and optimised content
  • Search Engine Optimisation – to deliver a regular flow of new enquiries
  • Brand Awareness – keeping MyHome highly visible in our target markets
  • Database Management & Nurturing – our proven system including marketing automation maximises our conversion rate and lifetime value

Time Saving

All enquiries are handled by the MyHome Service Centre where our highly motivated and highly professional team are responsible for the management of our prospect database and for pre-qualifying prospects.

When prospects are ready, the Service Centre team book appointments for initial visits with the qualified prospective clients for you.

Local Marketing Tools

While MyHome carry out the lion’s share of acquisition marketing, you do need to run your own local marketing activity for your business to succeed.

You’ll be using pre-prepared marketing resources such as Flyers and Local Press Ads supported by your local community networking.

And your small fleet of MyHome branded vehicles is another key part of the Marketing Machine in terms of image, marketing and promoting your business.

Expert Help – Support & Training

You’ll be provided with comprehensive training and support on the parts of the Marketing Machine that you are responsible for.

For example, a key area for you is the Conversion stage – turning qualified enquiries (passed to you from the MyHome Service Centre) into customers.

For this you’ll use the in-depth First Visit guide which walks you through every aspect of your first meeting with a prospect. It’s simple, it’s about the art of asking good questions, winning trust and guiding the prospect to their first clean.

Established, Premium Brand

The MyHome brand goes much deeper than just those things which are visible on the surface, such as our logos, signage and overall brand image. Much deeper.

Having a strong brand is like making a promise to customers. You’re establishing a level of quality and expectation, and so when customers engage with a brand, they will expect that level of quality at every interaction.

The full brand experience; from the visual elements like our logo or website to the way that our phones are answered and our services are delivered, informs our customers about the kind of company we are…

We are MyHome – a premium home services business that gives customers, our team and partners more time for the things that matter most.

Great Customers

A great MyHome customer wants a reliable, hassle free, premium service to help with their busy lives, to enhance their lifestyle and to enrich their enjoyment of living in their home.

Here are the types of people who value the premium service that we deliver…

  • Busy Professionals – singles, couples and families
  • Business Owners – successful self-employed and business owners
  • Corporate Highflyers – working in larger companies
  • Busy Families – active with schools, sport, work, fitness, travel and their social life
  • Comfortably Well-Off – people living from their assets, investments & retirement incomes, busy enjoying life
  • House Proud – people who value living in a beautifully clean and tidy home
  • Living Well – people who consider our service one of life’s essentials

A great MyHome customer is not someone ‘looking for a cleaner’, our customers are people who want and aspire to having a beautifully clean home and the time to enjoy it. They love the sound of what we do, how we do it, and want the benefits of our service.


Combined with our strong brand, the MyHome Marketing Machine gives you tried and tested marketing strategies to maximise every stage of the customer journey, ensuring that your time and effort is focused where it will be of maximum value to the success of your business.

Winning Customers is just one of our 6 Pillars of Success…

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