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When I started with MyHome, I didn’t realise how much it was going to change my life.

I was living in Brighton, just became separated, and I needed to get my house ready for sale, so I got MyHome cleaning in to help me with it.

I’d seen their vans around and a few of their advertisements, and having a background in marketing and branding, I was really excited about the synergy they had across their business.

I’d actually been thinking about starting my business, because I really wanted that flexibility and freedom, and talking with friends, I think we all knew that there really was the market for a really professional service.

I decided to go and see MyHome and find out more. I was really interested in joining their team, and what really impressed me was the turnkey operating system, that would allow me to hit the ground running, and I have to say it was the best decision I’ve ever made, and I’ve never looked back.

My typical day starts when I meet my team at 8am each morning for a coffee at our local café. I don’t need an office; I find that this works nicely. We start the day with a bit of a catch up and work out what’s happening, and the jobs that need to be done that day. I then dispatch each team, replenishing supplies, cloths, products, and equipment for the day, sign out any keys, and get them on the way to their first job.

The terrific thing about the MyHome business, is that it was designed for the upmost flexibility, and once the teams are on their way, I’m free to arrange my daily tasks around my schedule to fit in with the lifestyle I want.

The good news is, I can run my business from any location I choose. Sometimes I interview potential employees at my local cafe. What is most helpful is MyHome has a comprehensive induction and training program that goes through all of the online training, the Tri-colour cleaning, and procedures.

On other days, I pop into the office to pick up supplies and have a meeting to discuss my business.

What I really like about the MyHome system is that all the policies, procedures, employee manuals, videos, software, and branding that I need to run my business are easily accessed via MyHome Central.

Head office are very friendly and knowledgeable, and I know that I can rely on them for the support and help that I need.

I really love my business, I have four vehicles, eight full time staff, and over 130 customers and a waiting list, and most of the customers I know personality. It’s just the right size that I want it to be. I work four-day week which is fantastic as I have more time at my beach house. and I’m normally finished by 4 o’clock.

What’s most important to me at my home is being able to be involved in the community through the MyHome cares program. We’re involved in a number of charities, but the one that’s dear to my heart is Sacred Heart Mission, where I’ve worked and volunteered over a number of years. We’re really making a difference.

To me, MyHome isn’t about the cleaning, it’s about the way of life. It’s about improving our customers lives by giving them back the time to do what matters most to them, and that’s why our slogan at MyHome is “MyHome: We do Clean … You do Life”.

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