What makes a great business?

Imagine owning a business that turns your hard work into regular recurring income, a valuable asset AND gives you the opportunity to create a great lifestyle.

Discover MyHome – a remarkable business with low overheads, great margins, positive cashflow – that is easy to run!

If that sounds too good to be true, then consider this…

With world leading systems, processes and resources, and an incredible app based operations and management system – with MyHome you’ll be the owner of a business that you own and manage, rather than a business that ‘owns’ you (a crushing reality for many business owners).

Yes you will work hard, especially during the first months and year or two as you establish your business, but with MyHome you’ll be able to enjoy the fruits of your labour and investment in a way that very few business owners ever manage.

And you’ll be the owner of a business that delivers some hugely valuable, exciting (and often elusive) benefits, the very things that most business owners crave, yet rarely achieve.

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Discover More About MyHome…

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Request a copy of our Franchise Information Pack now to discover more about how MyHome’s world leading systems give you the tools to own and manage a unique business designed for a high recurring income, lifestyle flexibility and your success.

In it you’ll discover…

  • MyHome’s Marketing Machine – you’ll see how this highly impressive and proven system gives you all the tools and support you need to build a high-quality customer base.
  • Hire and Inspire – based on years of experience and success, and fully utilising the latest digital and AI recruitment tools, MyHome’s Hire and Inspire system enables you to attract and recruit a great team.
  • MyHome Central – discover how you’ll benefit from the comprehensive training programmes, videos and manuals that MyHome have created and fine-tuned for optimising the performance of your team.
  • MyOP – World Leading Operations and Management App – imagine the freedom of being able to run your business from your phone! MyOP is the result of years of planning, design and development and is built with the latest technology. Discover more about MyHome’s world leading operations and business management App.
  • Managing the Money – you’ll discover how a MyHome management franchise gives you the tools to manage every key operation in your business including our fully customised accounts package. This is based on what is probably the world’s best digital accounting system (Xero) and fully integrated with the MyOP app.
  • Consistently Delivering Great Service – without great service, delivered to the same high standard EVERY time, a business is doomed to fail. In your Information Pack you’ll discover how MyHome’s Tri-colour™ system is at the heart of this impressive business opportunity.

Request a copy of our Franchise Information Pack now to discover how MyHome’s impressive science-based systems and technology (including our brand new bespoke operations and management App) give you the opportunity to own a business that really delivers.

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MyHome Franchise Information Pack

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Here are a few of the incredible benefits of being a MyHome owner…

Low Overheads

It’s one thing to make a high income and another thing entirely to keep it. MyHome is designed and built to deliver high income AND low overheads so that your profitability is high, and your risks and exposure are low.

With no crippling long term leases for expensive retail or office space, no high capital costs – you can even operate your business from home, especially during those crucial early months – MyHome is probably the ultimate low overhead business.

High Margins

Turnover is vanity, profit is sanity, so the saying goes. And it’s true! MyHome provides a premium service to an underserved (and growing) multi billion dollar market using the best processes, science and technology.

This drives efficiency and supports high levels of customer service and satisfaction. Which is why MyHome owners benefit from great margins meaning they can create a high income without the risks and heartache of running a much larger business. This in turn supports a great lifestyle – with high income and the time to enjoy it!

Regular Recurring Income

Regular recurring income is the ‘holy grail’ for business owners! It is hugely valued because it creates stability and predictability and means that the owner of a business doesn’t need to spend their evenings and weekends working to satisfy an insatiable demand for new customers just to pay the bills.

A MyHome owner typically spends a few hours each day (usually in the mornings) meeting new customers to add growth to their business, but the vast majority of the homes their teams will be cleaning each week are for customers who stay for the long term (years in many cases). This means your focus can be on customer care and satisfaction. A great recipe for successful business.

Sociable and Flexible Working Hours

You can’t put a price on being able to work hours that fit in with the normal working day and give you the flexibility when you need it to fit in precious time for life, family and friends.

Yes, MyHome owners do work hard, at least in the building phase of their business, but unlike other businesses that do most of their trading in the evenings and at weekends, or that require huge amounts of time to manage – MyHome is specifically designed to give you the chance to really enjoy life and the fruits of your labour.

This means you own a business that is largely self-sustaining so you don’t have to work, worry and sweat evenings and weekends just to cover payroll. You can even take holidays knowing that your business can run and survive without you, and that you’re generating income whilst you’re on the beach!

Low Start-up Capital Requirements

MyHome gives you the opportunity to create something really special – a high income, a valuable asset and with a great lifestyle to boot – for just over $100k, in fact the actual investment often works out at between just $95k and $115k depending on the budgets set.

This low capital requirement means that you can invest in a business of your own without having to make huge financial commitments or raise many hundreds of thousands to purchase your own business. This removes one of the biggest headaches and stresses for many business owners.

To discover more about the MyHome management franchise ownership, request our Franchise Information Pack by completing the form above.

MyHome offers these unique benefits for a very special reason…

The reason is that MyHome was designed from the ground up to create a great business with the qualities that every business owner aspires to.

Yes – designed! That’s not something you hear very often about a business.

But from the industry sector (the thriving multi-billion home services industry), to the market (premium home services), the operating hours, the high margins, the low overheads and the strong cashflow – everything was factored in to the decision making and development plan to create a business that really delivers for customers AND owners.

Every little detail, system, process, procedure was carefully designed to deliver a business with these amazing benefits.

Every major investment in technology, research and development and branding, has been finely tuned to create and deliver an outstanding business opportunity.

The result is a unique business that delivers a high income, based on regular recurring revenue (the holy grail for business owners) all of which can be achieved working regular days and hours.

With its revolutionary approach to developing world-class systems and support, MyHome is designed to be a business that delivers a high income AND the time to enjoy it.

To discover more about the MyHome management franchise ownership, request our Franchise Information Pack by completing the form above.

Why Home Services and Why Premium Home Cleaning?

For many households, using professional home services is not seen as a luxury, but a necessity. This includes busy professionals and families who have little free time, or who prefer to spend their free time doing more of the things they love rather than household chores.

According to the 2023 industry spotlight report by IBISWorld, the residential cleaning services sector in Australia is worth over $1.1 billion in annual sales – and growing. This high demand and the lack of professional providers opens the market for the highly professional, reliable, premium home cleaning service that MyHome delivers.

Our unique Tri-colour™ system means your customers know what to expect from every clean and your teams know what to deliver. This means customer satisfaction, every time, making MyHome a leading brand in the premium home services sector and a MyHome management franchise the ideal opportunity for you to become the owner of a successful business.

This market and business opportunity offers some huge advantages over other sectors – a retail business comes with high fixed overheads and high capital requirements, a hospitality based business has unsociable working hours that definitely aren’t family-friendly or flexible and other sectors can have high competition or low demand, so you need high sales and marketing skills.

With demand greatly surpassing supply, a MyHome management franchise offers an exciting business opportunity. And the flexibility and freedom to live the life you’ve always dreamt of.

To discover more about the MyHome management franchise ownership, request our Franchise Information Pack by completing the form above and we’ll send you your copy immediately.

Why Choose MyHome?

With MyHome you can be confident of success. Why?

MyHome Owners are not cleaners. They are talented individuals who manage and build a supremely efficient residential home services business. They want to run their own business, but do not want to be in business on their own. They see the value of working with an experienced business delivering a proven format.

MyHome’s success is built on our unique management systems. These breakdown the whole process of operating and growing a business into simple, manageable steps to give predictable and profitable results.

With a MyHome management franchise, you’re combining your management skills with our experience and expertise to build your own successful business – a great partnership!

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“Becoming a MyHome Franchise Owner was the best decision I ever made, and I’ve never looked back”
– Josie Kelly, MyHome Owner

Sometimes discovering the perfect business happens in the most unexpected ways.

In Josie’s case, it was the day she engaged MyHome’s services to prepare her own house ready for sale. To say the least, she was impressed with what she experienced.

But it was her background in branding and marketing that made her realise that this was not just a great service, but that there was a huge gap in the market for the kind of premium service that MyHome offered.

After a successful career in marketing and at a ‘crossroads’ time in her life, Josie was thinking about starting her own business – one that would give her more flexibility and freedom.

Josie decided to approach MyHome to discuss becoming part of the team. She was especially attracted to the quality of the brand, the turnkey operating system, and the opportunity to own and manage a business that could deliver both financial success and flexibility to enhance her lifestyle.

Hear more about Josie Kelly’s remarkable story below…

Success is in the System…

The key to any great business is having systems … with world class systems, comprehensive manuals, a huge range of training videos, highly effective marketing and a proven way to hire great team members, a MyHome management franchise ticks all the boxes.

For Josie, it wasn’t just the systems … she could see that MyHome provided everything she needed for a turnkey business.

With a central service centre to take care of customer enquiries and to help with hiring new team members, and with centralised support and expertise from the MyHome head office (MyHome Hub) on tap – a huge amount of support and help was available with every aspect of the business.

To discover more about the MyHome management franchise ownership, request our Franchise Information Pack by completing the the form above and we’ll send you your copy immediately.

More Time for the Things That Matter Most…

Like Josie, you probably dream of being your own boss and running a successful business … but still want the freedom and flexibility to enjoy life in the way you choose.

With a MyHome management franchise you can do exactly that!

Our vision from the very beginning was to create an incredible business that gives people more time for the things that matter most – so that the lives of our customers, team members and partners are enriched and filled with more meaningful moments, experiences, and memories!

MyHome combines the best processes, the best science, and the latest technology to develop world leading systems to deliver consistently high standards and results, which means we can offer our MyHome Owners a turn-key business with huge potential!

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