Being a Myhome Franchisee

At Myhome, we’ve spent years developing what we believe is the ideal franchise, a business that is built around you and your lifestyle, and is designed to help you achieve your aspirations and goals.

With many businesses, it can be difficult to balance your working life with your actual life.

You’re so busy making the business work – working long hours, which take over your evenings and weekends – that you end up with no time to spend the money you may make on the things (and people) that really matter.

And, even if you do manage to fit in a holiday or a weekend break, you’re so tired you spend the entire time just recovering (and worrying about what will be waiting for you at the office when you get back!).

A Myhome franchise is designed to give you the flexibility and freedom to enjoy your life.

Yes, you’ll work hard, but your Myhome franchise is YOUR business.

It’s a franchise for you to own, grow, and manage. It’s NOT a franchise where you are expected to do the day-to-day cleaning, then get back home to catch up on paperwork or to spend 24/7 running every part of your business.

With world-leading systems, fantastic support, and a great team, you’ll be able to run your business in a normal working day.

So, if you want to take Friday afternoons off to get away to your beach-house every weekend, then you can…

Want to Know More?

If you like the sound of a Myhome franchise, and if the work/life balance that Josie enjoys appeals to you, it’s time we talked.

The next step is to book your exploratory initial meeting online here. And then click here to complete the initial application form.

Once again, thank you for your interest in a Myhome franchise. I look forward to meeting you very soon.